I think a fragrance is more a signature
than even what you wear
-Ryan Renolds

If you want to catch someone's attention, wear a nice fragrance. Your Fragrance is an invisible part of your personal style, which says more about you than your attire. We at Fragrance Trove are just getting started to bring to you a whole new world of fragrance, ranging from personal collections to gift sets. Be it your fitness regime, professional setting, casual hangout or romantic indulgence - We are here for You.

3-piece Fragrance Wardrobe

Just as a fashion wardrobe, we help you build up a fragrance wardrobe with a collection of scents to match your personality and moods. To begin with, Select a Daytime Scent, Evening Essentials and a Special Occasion scent.

Our Vision is to provide an ultimate Fragrance Experience.

Our Foundation lies in our values:


Best products and Fine Fragrances


Honest, Ethical, Genuine


Deliver our Commitment


Love what we Do

The Fragrance Trove experience awaits you: