5 Reasons Why we Love Roll-on Fragrances

09 September 2017


5 reasons that are sure to make you go rolling for a Roll-on  Fragrance.

Long Lasting:

You need not worry about losing your scent when the sun goes down, thanks to the long lasting roll-on fragrances. Roll-ons are much more concentrated than the alcohol based spray fragrances and hence last longer.

On-the- Go:

Do away with your fragile fragrance bottles and carry your favorite scent wherever you go, with these mini sized roll-ons. They are non-spill and  small enough to tuck in your travel kit.


You don’t need to break a bank to have a luxury fragrance. Go easy on your wallet and try new fragrances. You can buy as many scent options as you want and sport a different YOU with different outfits.

Easy Touch-up:

Gone are the days when your bulky Fragrance bottle adorn the dressing table. Roll-ons are portable and this makes it easy to re-apply whenever you want.

Target applications:

Reduce the chances of excessive spraying and target your application with roll-ons. This way you can prevent being overwhelmed by a cloud of scent around you.


Lastly, Everyone judges a fragrance by its bottle; and who wouldn’t love to adorn their vanity with such exquisite little bottles that come in edgy shapes and sizes.


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