Fragrances that match your Sun sign

14 September 2017



When it comes to selecting stuff, Aries are the person who always stay alert.

So, when it comes to selecting fragrances also, they are always on point. They like fruity & citrusy smells. Citrus fragrances are meant to stimulate the senses & floral smell makes it attractive. They love the fragrances of lemon and other citrusy fruits mixed with flowers like jasmine and rose.



Taurus is an earth sign, so they like smells with earthy & woody feel to it. They love rose fragrances mixed with musk as a base or sandalwood. Little woodsy scents will be more enticing to them mixed with hyacinth or peach flower.



They like light fragrances with citrus undertones. They like fragrances according to their mood. If you are feeling stressful, then they go for floral fragrances like lavender & if they are feeling little romantic they will go for fragrances with lilac or rose.



Virgo’s are considered as perfectionist when it comes to investigating new beauty ideas. They basically go for scents with floral undertones or single tones like lilac, lily or lavender. In the evening they can apply earthy tones like sandalwood, since its an earth sign.



Libra’s don’t go for any one perfume. They keep on changing their perfumes according to mood, occasion & season. They like classic floral fragrances that are light and not heavy scented.



Scorpios go for light & haunting musk fragrances. There are many varieties, so they like experimenting. Sometimes they go for light notes and sometimes heavy notes. As far as floral scents are concerned, they go for chrysanthemum, eucalyptus or hollyhock.



They like warm, deeply sensual & woodsy scents. They also like citrusy & punchy floral fragrances since it is a fire sign. As far as floral fragrances are concerned they like carnation, wild pink & dandelion.



The best part about a leo is, they always dress in fashion forward style. They would rather have few beautifully designed outfits than having a closet full of common clothes. Same goes for their selection of fragrances. They will opt for beautifully crafted scents rather than having variety of low quality notes.They opt for fragrances that attracts attention & makes a statement appearance.



Pisces is the sign that is interested in making all the efforts to protect the environment. They look for eco beauty products & natural fragrances.They opt for scents that have citrusy feel and environment products like sandalwood and fruity notes.



The birthstone of aquarius is ‘aquamarine’, which is related to sea or water.The ideal perfumer them have lilies or aqua fragrance as base. They opt for fragrances with flowery smell like lavender, lillies or orchids.



When it comes to buying fragrances, cancerians go for romantic scents. When looking for floral fragrances they choose white roses, lilacs and single note floral scents. If you are looking for something different then experiment with multiple base fragrances; who knows it might become your signature scent.



They are the ones who value the things of the past. Since, its an earth sign, they choose woodsy and earthy fragrances. While selecting floral fragrances they opt for warm scents with sandalwood as the base.


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